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Imagine that you are injured or are suffering from a medical condition that temporarily renders you unconscious or unable to communicate effectively with the ambulance crew. Without important information about your medical history, it will be difficult for medical professionals to quickly and accurately treat and diagnose your medical emergency.

The Mansfield Township Ambulance Corps. (MTAC) cares and is pleased to introduce a community initiative entitled the "File of Life" program. The File of Life packet enables M.T.A.C. Personnel to obtain a quick and accurate medical history when a patient or family member is unable to offer one. The File of Life is a blue, magnetic packet (one page front and back) that contains vitally important medical information about you. The File of Life also provides an area to list contact information for your doctor, family members, insurance information and any other special circumstances that ambulance personnel should know when caring for you.

FREE File of Life packets are available upon request to all residents of Mansfield Township, Burlington County NJ.

Call ( 609)‐298‐3392 for information or to have one mailed to you.

Download the File of Life Information Sheet


Who should fill one out?
Senior adults, however, the File of Life is applicable for people of all ages, especially individuals with chronic or severe medical conditions and/or developmental disabilities.

Where should I put it once I fill it out?
The blue, magnetic packet(s) should be hung on the outside, front of the refrigerator.

A few things to remember when using the "File of Life":
Record the information in pencil or save the form as a PDF file on your computer. Updates and revisions can be made as necessary.

The information is only useful if it is updated frequently. Participants are urged to maintain current information regarding medication and dosages.


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