January 1, 2017

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Welcome to the Home of the
Mansfield Township Ambulance Corps.

We Provide EMS Service to the Citizens of
Mansfield Township,
Chesterfield Township
Wrightstown Borough, New Jersey

Mansfield Township highlighted in Burlington County, New Jersey
Chesterfield Township highlighted in Burlington County, New Jersey
Wrightstown Borough highlighted in Burlington County, New Jersey


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Breaking News:

PA. College Develops Potential Carbon Monoxide Antidote
PITTSBURGH - Carbon-monoxide poisoning kills about 430 people nationwide each year and that doesn’t even include CO fatalities from fires or suicides.

The gas, commonly described as the “invisible killer,” has no odor, color nor taste. It also has no antidote, with 100-percent oxygen therapy inside a hyperbaric tube or chamber representing the only treatment, requiring 20 minutes to several hours to work.  

Now there’s a potential game-changer.

A study based at the University of Pittsburgh and published today in Science Translational Medicine describes a mutated brain protein the research team developed that served successfully as a fast-acting antidote for CO-poisoned mice.

The antidote actually cut CO blood levels by half in only 25 seconds in mice and in laboratory testing.

EMT Severely Burned By Exploding E-Cigarette
NEW YORK - An EMT suffered severe burns recently after his e-cigarette exploded in his pants. 

Ricardo Jimenez, 24, sustained second-degree burns to his thigh and right hand while driving to get a haircut, the New York Daily News reported. 

“I went to reach down to take the batteries out of my pocket and they just blew up,” Jimenez said. “There was smoke everywhere, like a fog in my car.”

Jimenez was transported to the hospital by ambulance, where he was treated for his burns. 
“[The batteries] were making little noises. Soon as that happened, I put my car in park, jumped out of the car and a police officer saw me taking off my pants.”

Doctors considered whether Jimenez needed skin grafts. The scars spanned 18 x 24 inches on his thigh. “I can’t walk around too much. I can’t drive, it hurts.”

Jimenez said he bought the batteries for $15 at a store that ensured him they were the “best.” 

Surgeon General Report: 'Addiction Is Not A Character Flaw'
WASHINGTON - In what may be his last significant act as President Barack Obama's surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy recently released a report calling for a major cultural shift in the way Americans view drug and alcohol addiction.

The report, "Facing Addiction in America," details the toll addiction takes on the nation — 78 people die each day from an opioid overdose; 20 million have a substance use disorder — and explains how brain science offers hope for recovery. While its findings have been reported elsewhere, including by other federal agencies, the report seeks to inspire action and sway public opinion in the style of the 1964 surgeon general's landmark report on smoking.

AHA: CPR Skills Low Among Older Adults
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation increases the chance of survival after sudden cardiac arrest, yet knowledge of this lifesaving procedure is low in many communities, especially among older adults, according to separate studies presented during the Resuscitation Science Symposium at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2016.

In two studies — one in the United States and the other in Denmark — older adults emerged as an overlooked demographic and a target area for improved CPR training. Immediate CPR can double or triple chances of survival after sudden cardiac arrest.

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